Manoj Gawde

Take Care Of You

Take Care Of You English Lyrics for Karaoke Online -

Produced By: Tyler Spry, John Nathaniel, Brent Kutzle & Ryan Tedder Written By: John Nathaniel, Eddie Fisher, Brent Kutzle & Ryan Tedder [VERSE 1] Some days you’re alone, yeah Some days this don’t feel like home, mm It’s not just how we planned it, hey, yeah I’m so happy they’re throwing stones, no [Pre-Chorus] And …

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Middle Of The Night

Middle Of The Night English Lyrics for Karaoke Online -

[VERSE 1] I summoned you, please come to me Don’t bury thoughts that you really want I fill you up, drink from my cup Within me lies what you really want [Pre-Chorus] Come, lay me down Cause you know this Cause you know this sound [Chorus 1] In the middle of the night In …

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Pink Ferrari

Pink Ferrari English Lyrics for Karaoke Online -

[VERSE 1] You know I’m tired everyday It’s always take shots, go to the same spots on replay Yeah, I need a fire, do you feel the same? No one would chase us, they can replace us What do you say? [Pre-Chorus] I know it’s early and we’re just two …

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Glimpse Of Us

Glimpse Of Us English Lyrics for Karaoke Online -

[VERSE 1] She’d take the world off my shoulders If it was ever hard to move She’d turn the rain to a rainbow When I was living in the blue Why then, if she’s so perfect Do I still wish that it was you? Perfect don’t mean that it’s workin’ …

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